NO my kids havn’t done anything particularly awful lately. I’ve just noticed that some people have a hard time with the idea that just because you LOVE someone that doesn’t mean you always LIKE them.

Really we are talking about 2 very different feelings. I love my kids. I risked my life in 2 cases carrying them. I would risk my life to save them if necessary. But I am not always pleased with their choices or behavior.

For example… my daughter tries to play dumb to get out of chores…. I don’t like her when she does that… BUT I LOVE her too much to let her get away with it. So I correct her… I make sure that she realizes that is no way to go through life.

My youngest throws a tantrum when she doesn’t get her way… I REALLY don’t LIKE that (especially in the middle of the grocery store)… but I LOVE her too much to give in. So we muddle through and she is gradually learning that sometimes she doesn’t get her way.

I am sure as my kids get older they will have friends I don’t like… they will probably like music or books that I don’t… Perhaps they will hold religious or political veiws I disagree with.

All I can really hope for is that even if we disagree that we can speak civilly about our differences and learn from them.

I’m sure every parent has had a moment when they just didn’t LIKE their child… Relax… Admit it to yourself… and be assured it doesn’t mean you don’t love them… It doesn’t mean you aren’t proud of them… It just means you are different people.


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